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Joaquin has played on numerous recordings.
The following is a list of albums where he plays on all tracks.


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Perfect World
Joaquin's latest release with his band FWAP, features Joaquin on guitar & vocals, Andy West on bass, Hilary Jones on drums and special guest Johnny Neel on Hammond B3 organ. With roots in Rock, this music extends out into uncharted territory with improvisation as the adventure. Check out the song clips & bonus clips on the music page. Read about the CD and band on the press release page.


Solo Works


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"...pushing through genre barriers, Joaquin Lievano takes a more spiritual tack to the electric guitar passport story on Ecologie... he seems more intent on cool exotica, easy rhythmic structures and contemplative atmospheric stretches... he and his guitar reflect on the magic of sunrises, sunsets and the quieter miracles around us... some of the most hypnotic slow jams this style of spirit music has ever seen."
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One Mind
"Lievano's debut as a leader is a combination of new age, jazz, and rock styles, and includes Andy West on bass." Also with Steve Smith, Randy Jackson, Rodney Franklin, Steve Kindler and others.
With Zazen  
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Retrograde Planet
Hard driving instrumental rock and beyond with Terry Bozzio, drums and Andy West, bass.

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Cayman Blue
"... an elegant and often spectacular CD of soaring, symphonic music. As always, the group delivers a solid set of magnificent instrumental music, replete with breathtaking melodies and top-notch arrangements... "
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Canyons of Light
"... an extraordinary, impressionistic view of the southwest comes to vibrant life on canyons of light... electronic synth soundscapes driven by hypnotic, brooding, and percussive skylines and soaring flavors complemented with acoustic guitar... "
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"The music is based on a trilogy of songs built around five elements once believed to be the underpinning of all things: water, wind, thunder, fire and earth... folds keyboards, guitar and percussion into a range of music from acoustic to progressive rock... "
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Techno Zen Master
A fusion of jazz-rock and R&B dance grooves with voiceovers. William Kennedy on drums.
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A gentle yet powerful aural landscape with inspirational voiceovers by Rama.
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Lush and graceful melodies with acoustic piano and guitar in the forefront.
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A groove oriented approach to Zazen music with bluesy electric guitar in the forefront.
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Mystery School
A compilation of selected tracks from both the Atlantis Rising and the original mystery school CD's. "... features the prodigious talents of guitarist Joaquin Lievano, whose playing has taken further leaps into the unimaginable... potent guitar music from a trio with chops galore."
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Occult Dancer/Mandala of Light (Vol.2)
An adventurous double album with explorations in the merging of hard rock and classical influences.
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Light Saber
Orchestrations with multi-layered guitars and a cinematic backdrop. Inspired by Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.
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Urban Destruction
A unique blend of progressive rock with classical and spanish overtones. Inspired by the west coast's modern urban culture.
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An epic tour de force consisting of over two hours of intricate and powerful music. This four part travelogue begins in India then moves to China, Tibet and finally America.
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Mystery School
Recorded mostly in one take. "... an innovative blend of crisp synthesizer wizardry, Joaquin Lievano's powerful rock guitar improvisations and Andy West's fiery basslines. The album is chock full of simmering jams which build slowly from atmospheric hypnosis to an explosive art rock crescendo..."
atlantis rising
Atlantis Rising
Mostly recorded in one take. "... power chords abound on these lengthy, all-instrumental tracks with soaring passages and sharply accented melodies."
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These two titles were largely recorded in one take on the same day and offer some adventurous and timeless music. 
With Tom Coster  
ivory expeditions Ivory Expeditions (1998)
The best of T.C. and Ivory Expedition
ivory expedition Ivory Expedition
With TC-keys, Steve Smith-drums, Randy Jackson-bass, Walter Afanasieff-keys
t.c. T.C.
With TC-keys, Steve Smith-drums, Randy Jackson-bass
With Jean-Luc Ponty  
very best of jlp The Very Best of Jean-Luc Ponty (2000)
Joaquin appears on selected tracks.
le voyage Le Voyage: The Jean-Luc Ponty Anthology (1996)
Joaquin appears on selected tracks.
civilized evil Civilized Evil
With JLP-violin, Chris Rhyne-keys, Randy Jackson-bass, Mark Craney-drums
taste for passion A taste for Passion
With JLP-violin, Allan Zavod-keys, Ralphe Armstrong-bass, Casey Scheuerell -drums, Jamie Glaser-also on guitar
jlp: live Jean-Luc Ponty: Live
With JLP-violin, Allan Zavod-keys, Ralphe Armstrong-bass, Casey Scheuerell -drums, Jamie Glaser-also on guitar
cosmic messenger Cosmic Messenger
With JLP-violin, Allan Zavod-keys, Ralphe Armstrong-bass, Casey Scheuerell -drums, Peter Maunu-also on guitar